PO Box 80032 Canton OH 44708

email: aerie2370@yahoo.com

Canton McKinley Eagles #2370

The aerie donated nearly $100,000 to local and state charities this year. Below is the breakdown.

McKinley #2370 Eagle Riders

  • President Tod Dean
  • Vice President Mel Boone
  • Secretary/Treasurer Deb Boone
  • Road Captain Jim Simon
  • Parliamentarian Mike Brown

McKinley #2370 Auxiliary Officers

  • Junior Past Madam President Jean Stratton
  • Madam President Deb Boone
  • Madam Vice President Jan Dean
  • Madam Secretary Barb Bergmeyer
  • Madam Treasurer Kelly Moore
  • Madam Chaplain Claudia Wolfe
  • Madam Conductor Nancy Ladrach
  • Madam Inside Guard GiGi Milhoan
  • Madam Outside Guard Joan Smith
  • Madam Trustee Donna Duvall
  • Madam Trustee Linda Seybold
  • Madam Trustee Cindy Bille

McKinley #2370 Aerie Officers

  • Past Worthy President Rusty Donald
  • Worthy President Mel Boone
  • Worthy Vice President Jim Simon
  • Worthy Secretary Gary Elsass
  • Worthy Treasurer Bruce Walker
  • Worthy Chaplain Harry Condon
  • Worthy Conductor Dale Wolfe
  • Worthy Inside Guard Dale Ladrach
  • Worthy Outside Guard Steve Foster
  • Worthy Trustee Gary DeVaul
  • Worthy Trustee Jim Brumbaugh
  • Worthy Trustee Jim Smith
  • Worthy Trustee Tod Dean
  • Worthy Trustee Mike Brown